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Naptime Is Sacred

Jan 2, 2020

 Welcome to the first episode of 2020. Since this show is all about personal and professional development, I wanted to start the year from a mental health perspective. 


This episode is about boundary setting. Dr. Anjabeen Ashraf is a counselor, educator, and champion boundary setter living in Oregon with her impressive collection of raincoats and coffee mugs. Her goal is to help everyone live their most authentic lives by setting better boundaries. Part of this work is examining systems of oppression and working towards liberation for all. Check out her latest discussion of all things mental health, life, and South Asian Muslim womanhood on her IG @dranjabeenashraf or on her website


Dr. Ashraf's upcoming projects include launching an online course on boundaries in 2020 and equity training for counselors. You can sign up for her newsletter to be the first to know.


-In this episode, you'll hear about Dr. Ashraf's journey as a mental health provider.

-What is boundary setting and how do we start setting internal and external boundaries.

- Patricary and what does it mean for Muslim Women

- Dr. Ashrafs Boundary setting course coming later this month.


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