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Naptime Is Sacred

Mar 6, 2020

The world has been racing to contain a new virus "The Novel Coronavirus that has at this time spread to 79 Countries as of today. Dr. Uzma Syed, an Infectious diseases specialist, is this week's guest.

Dr. Syed is a NY based board-certified Infectious Disease specialist with an Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee position as well as Infection Prevention committee who is well-published in pneumonia-related research. She teaches students in high school, college and medical school as well as medical residents about her specialty.

Dr. Syed has been featured as an expert on several media outlets on Infectious Diseases, including BBC, CBS, Fox 5, Pix11, New 12, Fios, Newsday, Syosset Advance, and more. Dr. Uzma Syed cares passionately about education. She is the founder & CEO of a non-profit called Align Us, which provides mentorship & career development for high school students.

Her humanitarian work has spanned refugee resettlement to annual school supply and holiday toy drives to serving at soup kitchens. Dr. Syed has volunteered with UNICEF for children's rights and the UNGA to help promote mobile health to underserved countries.

She shared a ton of great information on the coronavirus and how we can protect ourselves, community, and debunks a lot of the false information floating around.

Is the flu worse than Covid-19, and how does it compare to SARs and MERs?

When should you stay at home?

How should your family prepare to be home beyond either by illness or community safety mitigation?

What should you do? If you've been traveling, or are in a community with positive cases, and you start to feel sick?

Much of this episode is dedicated to reiterate the need for common sense and hand washing.

Who needs Masks? You or the Medical staff?

Our guest cleared up so much for us in this episode; please make sure to share this podcast with your family and friends.

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