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Naptime Is Sacred

Mar 6, 2020

The world has been racing to contain a new virus "The Novel Coronavirus that has at this time spread to 79 Countries as of today. Dr. Uzma Syed, an Infectious diseases specialist, is this week's guest. Dr. Syed is a NY based board-certified Infectious Disease specialist with an Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee position as well as Infection Prevention committee who is well-published in pneumonia-related research.

The world is contending with the Novel Coronavirus, which has spread to 79 countries as of today. This week, our guest is Dr. Uzma Syed, a New York-based board-certified Infectious Disease specialist with positions on the Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee and the Infection Prevention committee. Dr. Syed has extensive experience in pneumonia-related research and educates high school, college, and medical school students, along with medical residents, in her specialty.

Dr. Syed is a recognized expert in Infectious Diseases, having appeared on various media outlets such as BBC, CBS, Fox 5, Pix11, New 12, Fios, Newsday, and Syosset Advance. Passionate about education, she is the founder & CEO of Align Us, a non-profit providing mentorship & career development for high school students. Her humanitarian efforts range from refugee resettlement to organizing school supply and holiday toy drives, as well as volunteering for UNICEF and the UNGA to support children's rights and mobile health initiatives in undeserved countries.

During our discussion, Dr. Syed provided valuable insights on the coronavirus, including protective measures for individuals and communities, debunking prevalent misinformation.

Key topics addressed included comparisons between the flu, Covid-19, SARs, and MERs, guidelines for staying at home, preparing families for extended stays due to illness or community safety measures, and actions to take if feeling unwell after traveling or in a community with positive cases.

Additionally, emphasis was placed on the importance of common sense practices and thorough handwashing. The episode delved into the necessity of masks, distinguishing between their necessity for the general public versus medical staff.

Our guest's expertise has shed light on critical aspects of the coronavirus. We encourage you to share this podcast with your family and friends.

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