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Naptime Is Sacred

Mar 12, 2021

Shereeza is a Muslimah of Guyanese parents and was born and raised in Canada. 


She is a clinical counsellor within a medical team and offers telephone counselling through her private practice, GTA Wellness Consultation. 


Shereeza earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in counselling individuals, families, and groups.


She has supported her community as a youth leader, community mediator and specialized in working with children to manage various concerns, including anxiety and self-esteem. She authored her first informational booklet, “A Muslim and God’s Favour,” in 2015, based on khutbahs, lectures, and classes while integrating her mental wellness specialization She released her first therapeutic children’s book that incorporates Islam as a coping strategy for anxiety. “Talaal and the Whispering Worrier” can be used to teach ALL children how to manage their thoughts and emotions with healthy coping skills.


Instagram for a book:

@TalaalsWhisperingWorrier or


Instagram for business: @GTAWellnessConsultation


Currently, Shareeza is creating awareness about Talaal and the Whispering Worrier. You can help by sharing this episode or the link to the book.


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