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Naptime Is Sacred

Dec 15, 2019

This is the part where things get technical but like Marie Forleo said Everything Is figureoutable.


You’ll have to think about media hosting some of the popular ones are Soundcloud, Anchor, Libsyn, WordPress, podomatic, speaker, etc

Next is RSS Feed, RSS feed means Really Simple Syndication.
First, you have to have a website where you will host your feed. I use WordPress then you set up an RSS feed, by using a built-in plugin like Blubrry.

It is a protocol that automatically sends out your updates to Apple Podcast, Google podcast, Stitcher, and other apps anytime you add a new episode, so people who have subscribed can listen to it without having to look for it.

Once you record episodes, then you go into WordPress and download and install the blubrry power press plugin for WordPress and fill in all the information.

If you guys are interested in a more detailed explanation, let me know through email, and I will send you more information.

Submit to iTunes you will need an Apple ID to submit your podcast to the directory in the iTunes app, once you go into podcasts scroll down the list of options and find Submit a podcast. It would give you information to fill in i.e., name of the podcast, your RSS feed, etc., once you submit everything, it will take a few days to a week to hear back through email if your submission was accepted.

I hope you enjoyed this quick How to podcast series. I'm working on a new project that will inshaAllah be more help. I can't for you to join me on this new journey of the Naptime Is Sacred podcast.

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