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Naptime Is Sacred

Jul 12, 2020

It's been one year since Hodan Nalayeh tragically passed away, alongside her husband, unborn child, and many others. May Allah have mercy on them, grant them Janntul firdose, and provide their families continued comfort.

Hodan Nalayeh, founder of Integration TV, an online platform with millions of YouTube viewers, was a prominent social media influencer. She created a substantial platform showcasing pioneering stories from Somali communities and Somalia.

Nalayeh revolutionized society by sharing uplifting content from Africa. As a trained journalist, she believed in the transformative power of stories. Integration TV, an independent media channel, highlights positive narratives from underrepresented communities. It boasts over 53,000 subscribers and more than five million YouTube views. A sought-after speaker at conferences, Nalayeh shared her journey from hardship to success as a media entrepreneur and a Somali-Canadian raised outside Africa. She believed in the media's role in effecting change within Black communities worldwide.

Nalayeh showed the beauty of Somalia to many diasporas who left at a young age or have never seen their homeland. Her videos portrayed the lives, challenges, and triumphs of the diaspora in Canada, fostering an affection for the people, the scenic beauty, and, most importantly, the resilience of Somalia and its people.

Hodan reached out to collaborate, and on May 20th, 2019, during Ramadan, she and I recorded an episode. Sadly, it was to be published the day she passed away. Our last communication was a day before the attack. It has taken me a while to review, read, and finally publish this episode, offering insights into Hodan's past, her aspirations, and the enduring legacy she left behind.

She was a dedicated mother and exemplified the ability to transform circumstances, drawing closer to Allah while aiding others as we strive to improve. Hodan's story is an inspiration for women with unspoken dreams, diasporas seeking ways to support their homeland, and creatives eager to share their work.

May Hodan's story motivate you to lead an authentic life, creating your legacy. I pray that Allah SWT rewards her for the good she did, as well as those benefiting from her advice, guidance, and support over the years. Ameen Thumma Ameen!